Squishy pillows. I like those

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

At one point Sherlock was pretty unwell. I remember him laying on the ground, motionless. It started to rain and he wouldn’t budge one bit. I called him over. Poked him, tried playing with him and even put food right in-front of him. Still no movement. He looked bloated, as the rain got heavier I picked him up and took him into my room. I fed him through a syringe, gave him some fluids and put him to rest on my bean bag pillow. After a couple of hours he started to feel like himself again. But I decided to keep him with me for the rest of the day, just incase. Luckily, He was all better in the morning.

[Shot on: Samsung galaxy s3 mini, unedited]IMG_20161103_225313.jpg


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