Buildings & Edits

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” ¬†Winston Churchill

About a year ago, I would spend 4 days out of the weekly 7 in taxis. Being driven around London city, never taking the same route twice, I got to see much of this city I call home. 2 years spent driving around the city, from early morning to late evening. Some parts were truly beautiful, I caught this out of the taxi window as we were stuck in traffic. I think the reflection on the building makes the building look multi-dimensional. Imagine parallel universes? So you are looking at the building, this interestingly shaped building and all of a sudden, another universe peeks through into ours. Breaking all laws of time and space, but you are able to see an alternative reality. A reality which will make you question your reality, your existence and Yourself.

[Shot on: Samsung galaxy s3 mini, edited with filters from Prisma]



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