Tangled Together

“Cats are those forever creatures. Once they love you, they love you” – Unknown

Didn’t I tell you that Sherlock was one of the most lovable cats ever? The other two cats in the photo are Alice (Left sitting) and Benjamin (laying on Sherlocks..Behind). I walked out into my backgarden and was surprised to see them all getting along like that. Usually they’re all play fighting or running after each other, but this image is priceless. They’re all intertwined if you look closely, Alice is looking off into the distance, Benjamin is asleep and Sherlock is.. Thoughtful. They all have distinct personalities! Alice isn’t shy of making herself be heard, she likes scratches and sitting on your lap, but can be easily scared. Benjamin is just the most scared cat ever. He is the youngest of the pack so he gets chased quite a but never stands up for himself he runs like the wind instead- reminds me of Forrest Gump. He too is shy but once he comes close to you, he will purr like a tractor and make your bad  day flip into a good day. And Sherlock, you know by now he is lovable and shy infront of others.




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